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Frequently Asked Questions 

          Which service do I choose, proofreading or copyediting?
That will depend on the type of written material you have (book, report, ad, letter, etc.) and to whom you will be presenting it.  It will also depend on your level of writing and knowledge of the English language.

Proofreading is the final reading to check for general grammar, usage, typos, spelling, subject-verb, etc.

Copyediting includes proofreading, but goes deeper, checking for general organization, redundancy and repetition, consistency, clarity and conciseness, unity and coherence, etc.

                                  How do I submit my work?
You may submit your documents electronically.  For a quote, attach your documents to an email detailing the services you require.  Please provide rush deadline dates, if any, with your submission.
              What happens once you receive my document?
Upon receiving your project, I will reply with an accurate quote and delivery time.

                       Do you accept hard-copy documents?
Yes, hard-copy projects are accepted.  Call for specifications, requirements, and rates.

          Do you proofread or copyedit websites/web pages?
Yes, websites and web pages are accepted. Call for specifications, requirements and rates.

How long will it take you to proofread or copyedit my document?
The standard turn around time is 5 to 7 days from receiving payment for your project.  Websites and hard-copy projects are handled a bit differently.  Very large jobs will obviously take longer and turn around times will be different.  In addition, since copyediting is more involved, it requires more time to do than proofreading.  I will be happy to discuss any of this with you at the time a quote is provided.

                                   How much will I have to pay?
The amount of words your material contains will determine your fees.  A per word policy avoids problems with determining the size of a page and how much work can be done in an hour.  Charging per word allows you to calculate your own fees before submitting your document.  For rates and additional fees, please see the Fees & Payments page.

                                             How do I pay?
Payment must be received in advance.  You can pay by check (which must clear the bank before your work is returned), money order, or by credit card via PayPal.  You can register to make payments through PayPal at
http://paypal.com using my email account Pencilsproofreading@yahoo.com.  PayPal is the quickest and easiest method and highly recommended.  Payments must be in U.S. dollars.

      What happens once you receive my project and payment?
Once payment is received, I will proofread and/or copyedit your writing no matter what type of document it is (ebook, company report, newsletter, brochure, leaflet, press release, movie script, novel, term paper, thesis, website, ezine, etc.) and no matter how large it is.

I will return your electronic document(s) with all proofreading and/or copyediting corrections color-coded and highlighted.  In addition, I will send you a second, final document, with all changes incorporated and color-coding and highlighting removed.

      What if I'm not happy with the work that has been done?
All work is 100% guaranteed.  If you aren't happy, I will refund your payment in full.  Keep in mind that I cannot guarantee having your work proofread and/or copyedited by me will result in representation by an agent or publication by a publisher or the award of new business, etc.  Please go to the Disclaimers page for more information.


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